USAH Incident Reports

NOTE: NWOA Requires All Incident Reports Be Completed No Later Then Midnight Of Game Day! Consequences Will Arise Should They Be Later.

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Before you leave the arena make sure you have copied all information from the score sheet relevant to your incident. Taking a picture of the game report from your phone is an excellent form of documentation. Make sure that the correct league the game was played in is documented as well.

The USA Hockey Incident Reporting System is set-up to provide officials with an easy method to submit game reports to League and Affiliate administrators.

To access the system, please log in below to your USA Hockey Courses Profile (similar to registering for a seminar), and click the link for your Incident Report at your Officiating Information page.

Please note, your reports will automatically be forwarded to Local Supervisors and Affiliate Representatives and used in disciplinary hearing. Please review your information (facts, spelling, etc.) before submitting the report. Also, these reports are to include the details relevant to the incident and are not to include personal opinions.

If you have questions regarding a team's USA Hockey Affiliate, please consult the Affiliate Directory of the USAH Annual Guide Book (pg. 281).

PLAYER SEARCHES: When searching for a player's USAH Confirmation Number, we suggest initially keeping the search as broad as possible (Last Name and State) and using the Hometown and Birth Year to identify the player. 

COACH SEARCHES: Some coaches coach multiple teams at multiple levels of the game, therefore we strongly recommend keeping initial searches broad (Last Name and State).