NWOA Mentor Program

NWOA will pride itself on its Mentor Program and developing each one of its officials through positive feedback and a positive learning environment. Our goals vary according to your goals but NWOA can train you to become one of the top officials in the Pacific District as well as advance officials into some of the premiere leagues around. 

Every brand new official will have an assigned NWOA Mentor. NWOA will have some of the top officials in the northwest currently working in leagues varying from the NHL, WHL, BCHL and the USPHL working as mentors to develop your knowledge of the game. NWOA mentors will be with you on games in various capacities from shadowing you as you're officiating real games to working as a partner on a game. NWOA mentors will help you get prepared for your games by being available to not only answer any questions you might have, but to help alleviating a lot of the stress of officiating by guiding you through the various new situations.

Our Mentor Program also includes evaluations/supervised games as well as having access to personalized teaching tools all designed to improve your knowledge of officiating, help gain more experience, and to help you enjoy officiating even more!

The NWOA Mentor Program is rooted in supporting not just the new officials but each and every one of the members of NWOA! We want to help everyone have fun with officiating so you will be more likely to continue to pursue the officiating path with passion. 

Current NHL Referee and 2014 US Olympics Referee in Sochi will be among the few officials working with NWOA members as just one of the few highly skilled mentors and evaluators at NWOA.


Check out the USAH Video on Evaluations to know what to expect, but note, NWOA mentor program is slightly different

For more information on the mentor program or to signup contact NWOA President -Jarrod Boman